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Our Story

Work It, Girl

Working wear isn’t just for guys anymore, which is why we choose to trade those oversized overalls and unflattering fits for a revolution in down-and-dirty, feminine fashion. Welcome to Garden Girl USA, where every stitch, seam, pocket and panel is designed by women, for women. 

Our Roots

It all started with a Swedish designer whose passion for gardening sprouted into a full line of women’s work clothes and tools. Today, Garden Girl is an international brand that is firmly planted in style, quality and durable construction. It’s the total package for hardworking females: function with just the right amount of flair.

Cultivating the Perfect Fit

Whether you’re digging in your backyard, working a local farm or taking a trip to the market, we’ve got the gear to match. Every Garden Girl garment and accessory is created with some serious thought. For instance, when you garden, you bend over, so we include a higher rise on our pants and elastic panels that keep you covered and avoid any surprise exposure. It’s really just common sense, but we make it cute and comfortable too.

See you in the Garden!