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Care Instructions

The Wash and Dry of It All

Just like an old pair of jeans, Garden Girl clothes only get better with age. They crave to be worn, they live to get dirty and they take great care of you when you’re out in the elements. Here are some tips on returning the favor.

1) Chill Out

There’s no need to wash your Garden Girl clothes every time you wear them. They look better dirty anyway. But when they are due for a cleaning, wash them in cold water—separately or with other like-color clothes. And when in doubt, follow the instructions on the label.

2) Do Detergent Right

Choose a color-safe detergent without bleach, which is better for your clothes and for Mother Nature. Also, keep in mind that more detergent doesn’t mean more clean. Use only what you need.

3) Skip the Softener

Chemical fabric softeners can be harmful to the integrity of our clothes, so if you want to meet the “softer side” of Garden Girl clothes, check out Tip #5. It’s a far more natural alternative.

4)  Hang Tight

The nicer your treat our clothes, the longer they’ll last. That’s why we recommend good, old-fashioned hang drying. Remember to stretch out cotton items before hanging.

5)  Break Those Babies In

The best thing you can do to care for your Garden Girl clothing is to wear it. We choose our fabrics for their comfort and durability, and even the heavier ones will soften up the more you wear them. So go ahead and get dirty. We fully approve.

Questions about care?

Email us at service@gardengirlusa.com.